5x5 Storage Unit
A cost-effective solution for small self storage needs. These storage lockers provide a versatile space for both residential and commercial items. 5x5 units can typically hold items, such as seasonal decor, small furniture, sporting gear, moving boxes, and more.
5x10 Storage Unit
Comparable to the dimensions of a sizable closet, these units cater to a variety of storage requirements. They can house a small bedroom's contents, like a queen bed, TV, and boxes. Ideal for those transitioning between homes or decluttering.
5x15 Storage Unit
Resembling a spacious walk-in closet, these units can comfortably store a single room's furnishings. From residential to business needs, a 5x15 unit can house items like a bed, television, and larger boxes.
10x10 Storage Unit
Roughly the size of half a standard garage, these units cater to diverse needs. They can store items from a modest-sized home or office, from furniture to boxes.
10x15 Storage Unit
These units can either be enclosed for personal items or open for vehicle storage. Enclosed units can house a small apartment's belongings, while the open spaces can accommodate smaller vehicles. Items such as pianos, couches, and TVs fit well here.
10x20 Storage Unit
Among the larger offerings, these can either be enclosed spaces or vehicle parking. The enclosed units can hold items from a sizable home, while the parking spaces can fit various vehicles. They're suitable for multi-room homes with large furniture pieces.
10x25 Storage Unit
One of the more expansive units, these can be used for personal storage or vehicle parking. They're suitable for large homes and can store items like couches, appliances, and dining sets. For vehicles, they can typically house RVs, boats, and more.
10x30 Storage Unit
As one of the most spacious units available, they cater to large homes or vehicle storage. They can fit furnishings from a 3-5 bedroom house, including large furniture and appliances. They can also accommodate large vehicles or boats
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